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EMF Safety and Executive Consultants

Kevin Narramore, Ph.D.

Dr. Narramore offers EMF testing, solutions and other advisory services to improve the biological terrain of dwellings for greater occupant wellbeing. He serves individuals, families, small businesses and those recovering from environmentally acquired illness such as toxic mold and electrosensitivity.

He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and in his earlier career was an executive with NCF, an international mental health publishing and training organization. He has been a frequent M.B.A. program guest lecturer in the area of leadership development and psychometric testing at the Hilton Center For Business at LMU.

Kevin’s interest in creating healthier homes began after a building biologist conducted an EMF assessment of the home where his sister had lived who suffered from immune and inflammatory health conditions. Dr. Narramore began searching for ways to detect and measure harmful e-pollution and protocols for improving indoor environments.

In 2015, he received EMF Safety training from the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has since completed several continuing education courses from BBI and is an ongoing supporter of their Giving Fund. Dr. Narramore enjoys learning from and collaborating with electrical engineers, building biologists and health practitioners from around the world.

He also stays abreast of recent developments in the field of Transcranial Photobiomodulation (tPBM) as it provides new hope for those suffering from neurological traumas, neurodegenerative diseases and neuropsychological challenges. It’s also great for those who just want to take care of their brain for a competitive edge!

A healthy home is a sanctuary, a retreat that provides physical and mental shelter and support. EMF detection, measurement and mitigation allows you to enjoy more restful sleep, better mood, improved brain focus and greater immune function.”
— Kevin Narramore, Ph.D.