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Elevate Employee Health, Productivity and Mood

Now! On-Site EMF Safety Assessments for office and retail spaces.

More Employees Are Feeling Tired and Agitated

Up to a third of your employees have a degree of EMF sensitivity. Many are physically and emotionally drained by E-toxins from a wide variety of sources.

While a work space may be in “100% compliance” with legal standards for MPEs (Maximum Permissible Exposures) — allowable MPEs work against individual health, productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Research shows electro-environments can affect employees in many ways: attitude, memory, concentration, frame of mind, irritation/temper, eye strain, cardiovascular health, immune function and number of sick days.

Before You Rent or Lease Commercial Spaces

Dr. Narramore and his associates can assess a property for EMF and other healthy building dynamics BEFORE you make a major commercial real estate decision.

After a lease is signed, it’s more difficult to ask a landlord to fix problem wiring that may be causing magnetic fields, reduce “dirty electricity,” or ask an adjacent occupant to move an EMF-emitting device to protect your staff.

Avoid problems by knowing up front if a space has “Sick Building Syndrome.” Is there a hidden cell tower on or adjacent to the premises or is there a problem with mold or chemical off-gassing? Find a location where your employees can be relaxed and able to thrive.

Optimize Existing Workspaces

We’re available to help you to further your goal of creating healthy workspaces. Having a EMF assessment and safety plan is essential to achieving higher efficiencies in office and retail spaces.

Our science-backed approach applies Building Biology and Environmental Therapeutics to help de-stress and reenergize your employees, customers and guests.

By reducing e-toxins from excessive radio and power frequencies, implementing smarter use of technology, and improving the quality of light, your team can stay healthier, more productive and focused on excellence.

Office / Retail

Some studies show that workers exposed to magnetic fields (above precautionary levels) have lowered immune systems and greater long-term risk for depression, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Other studies point to maternal reproductive risks.

Electrictians, seamstresses, welders, train conductors, gardeners and machine operators aren’t the only ones exposed to Magnetic Fields. Executives, medical workers and clerical staff may also be at risk if they work near wiring errors, computers, fluorescent lights, dimmers, copy machines, cash registers, panels or unshielded appliances. The only way to know for sure is to test.

The strength of magnetic fields depends on equipment design, wring, current flow, distance and shielding. Clerical workers with computers in one report by the CDC/NIOSH were exposed to between 0.5 to 4.5 milligauss. We have found much higher exposure levels in some workplace offices..

The worker in this scenario is being exposed to allowable but undesirable levels of microwave radiation (measured in μW/m2) that can interfere with memory, mood and attention. Pictured non-ionizing radiation sources are a Wi-Fi modem, laptop in wireless mode, “smart” phone, Bluetooth “smart” watch and Bluetooth speaker (Naren, et. al., 2020).

Through safer use of technology, we can often help clients to achieve a 1,000x reduction in microwave radiation exposures for a more biocompatible and productive workstation.


The same neurobehavioral abnormalities found among people living near cell towers are often observed among employees who are exposed to wireless technologies INSIDE the office. We have some solutions for commercial clients to address this issue. When employees get relief from this type of electro-stress, they feel less fatigued, have fewer headaches, more energy, feel happier and can concentrate at a higher level.

Target Benefits:

Safer Workplace

Increased Alertness and Focus

Better Energy and Stamina

Improved Calm, Reduced Agitation

Less Negativity and Depression

Reduced Cost of Sick Days

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