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EMF Testing for Home Buyers

Enjoy Peace of Mind

with a Professional On-Site EMF Safety Assessment BEFORE you buy or rent a home.

Find a Healthier Home

Testing before you buy or rent can help you select and create a healthier home where your family can thrive. As a result, you can reduce the risk of long term exposures to unwanted EMF toxicants.

Our equipment allows buyers to SEE and HEAR invisible EMFs as we walk through the property together. Practical ways to optimize areas are discussed.

Know Before You Buy

Detect or rule out a wide variety of EMF toxicants that typical home inspectors are not trained to detect, analyze or mitigate.

Discover if there are problems or potential “Dealbreakers” relating to comfort, safety or cost. Some findings are easy to address, while others may be difficult, expensive or even impossible to fix. Get essential info before investing money.

That Ahhh Feeling

Low EMF homes make you feel more relaxed and carefree. Once biologically disruptive EMF toxicants are identified and reduced, that “Ahhh” feeling often happens. Many clients have described the sensation of a weight being lifted.

Discover specific ways to enjoy deeper, rejuvenating sleep, better mood and brain function, and enhanced detox.


If your home surrounds you with non-native EMFs, it will be more difficult to achieve deep, detoxifying sleep, so your body will be less able to rejuvenate overnight. This is especially true for electrosensitive persons, who appear to have more cellular damage from impaired detoxification systems that become overloaded by excessive oxidative stress.

A flourishing Low-EMF home, by contrast, harnesses the power of sleep. It helps to restore both body and mind, for a greater feeling of relaxation rather than irritation. It’s the ultimate sanctuary for your family and absolutely essential for those who are “allergic” to EMFs.


Gold Standard

Our understanding of the significance of a dwelling’s EMF exposure levels are based on objective, non-industry funded research. We don’t rely on outdated, maximum allowable exposure levels set by advisors to government agencies back in 1986.

EMF exposure guidelines that we follow have been carefully established by engineers, scientists and doctors from around the world who are associated with these working groups:

  • Building Biology Institute
  • BioInitiative Report
  • EUROPAEM EMF Guidelines
Rest assured In your Purchase

Making sense of nnEMFs requires testing methodologies, interpretation, use of mitigation techniques, special equipment, peer networking and continuing education. A home assessment is like figuring out a jigsaw puzzle in the hunt for:

  • EMFs from power distribution lines and the mains power supply
  • EMFs from large and small airport radar and approach beacons
  • EMFs from neighborhood rooftop “OTARD” allowed antennas
  • EMFs from “smart” meters
  • EMFs from new neighborhood wireless mesh networks
  • EMFs from ‘hotspots’ such as electrical panels, motors, transformers and kitchen and bath appliances
  • EMFs from electrical wiring, outlets and light dimmer switches
  • EMFs from neighborhood solar inverters and pool pumps
  • EMFs from IoT devices inside/around the house including lights, alarms, appliances, garage door openers
  • EMFs from WiFi, “Smart” TVs, RoKu, Fire Sticks, Apple TV, games, and blue-tooth devices inside the home
  • EMFs from stray current on floors, in showers, etc.
  • EMFs from computers, tablets, phones and baby monitors

Target Benefits:

Test a home/office for EMF “Dealbreakers” before you Buy or Rent

Determine which EMF issues are easy to fix while others are difficult, expensive or even impossible to fix

Analysis of your exposure levels based on the most objective scientific research

One-To-One Followup Support is available

Get a free phone consult before the full survey!

EMFs in Smart Meters
utility related issues

“Smart” utility electricity meters emit thousands of powerful bursts of pulsed, radio-frequency radiation as they transmit usage to the utility. How much Electro-Magnetic Field energy is being transmitted into your home’s living and sleeping spaces? Many people have reported that their sensitivity to EMF radiation began with the installation of a smart meter.

Grid-tie Inverters are the most prevalent photovoltaic system on residential homes yet they are often problematic even for people who do not suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity.  One key issue is Micro-surge Electrical Pollution (MEP), popularly termed Dirty Electricity (DE), that is created by the inverter. Even if you don’t have solar, if you share an electrical transformer with a neighbor(s) with a PV system it can push intermediate frequency EMFs (kHz range) into your home wiring and radiate your living spaces. This can interfere with rest, relaxation, sleep and the immune system. At very high levels it has been associated with several types of cancers. There are after-market Line filters which attach to the main electrical panel that, if done correctly, can diminish this form of e-pollution and often provide substantial relief.