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Sick or Safe? Home EMF Pre-Purchase Inspection

As a child, I spent many wonderful afternoons after school watching my Grandpa Edwin as he created beautiful, hand-crafted items in his woodworking shop. I remember the smell of sawdust and his three maxims: (1) “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,” (2) “Measure twice…cut once,” and (3) “The time to do things is now.”

Is the dream house you want to purchase “sick” or “safe?” The only way to know is to “measure before you cut.” Buyers deserve to know if there are any unhygienic levels of EMFs before making this major life decision that can affect their wallet and their well-being. A Pre-Purchase EMF Home Inspection can simplify the uncertainty and confusion surrounding EMFs and allow you peace of mind during this important time.

Typical Buyer Concerns

Home buyers often wonder about EMFs from power lines, nearby transformers, sub-stations, or electrical panels near a bedroom. Some are concerned about buying a home next to a neighbor with solar inverters or a large satellite dish. Others wonder about microwave radiation from “smart” meters or cell towers, with 4G LTE or 5G located a little too close for comfort. Some people have become electrosensitive because of previous mold exposures and require extensive testing.

In older homes or where remodeled, buyers may have questions about EMFs from electrical wiring. Non-metal clad wiring, for example, can cause elevated EMFs that can be biological irritants, reduce quality of sleep, or much worse. For parents, environmental EMF-related risks for Childhood Leukemia can be a concern. Cases of this type of cancer are rising in California. That’s why both magnetic fields and various types of stray current / harmonics should always be part of an assessment.

Survey Results and Solutions

If unhygienic levels of EMFs are present, we can discuss which issues are easy to fix so you can confidently move forward with your purchase and which are difficult, expensive, or even impossible to fix. Analysis of your exposure levels are based on objective scientific research and field experience. One-to-one follow-up support is also available if needed. This service is available to home buyers in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Malibu, Camarillo, Ventura, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Pasadena and surrounding areas.

If you would like to schedule a pre-purchase EMF home assessment please contact me to make an appointment. Nothing would make me happier than contributing to your family’s success.